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Jc Ramos Styling Groupon

Guys and Dolls,

Today i made the decision to temporarily take down the Jc Ramos Styling groupon. 

It has been almost 2 months and the results were amazing. I feel i gained many new clients and got the Jc Ramos Styling Name out to the public. Thank you to those who contacted me before their purchase and to those who bought the groupon and gave me a blind shot.

i hope i was able to deliver in your quest for great hair, you are a pleasure to work with.

This doesn't mean the groupon will not go back up in the future but for now i want to see what is in store for me, i am in hope of a few referrals.

Sidenote: As a hairstylist my job is to advise you and at the same time deliver to meet your expectations of whatever picture or look you are trying to achieve. I've seen many hairstyles within my lifetime and created many in my near decade of work, i've honed my skill and i love a natural sophisticated look on my dolls. With that said DO NOT go to your hairstylist and dictate the color service or critique formulations or in store products they use or sell. I am in the beauty industry not in the "RACHET HAIR" industry. if you think you know better than me, please by all means stick to your look by creating it at home like you previously were.

if its your first time with a new stylist give them a chance to reformulate for you, we don't know you, your hair and what it has been through by what you put into your body, which has a major outcome on a chemical/color service. We learn so much from the first session with you. The look you are going for may take several session and the integrity of the hair is my utmost concern. if i didn't believe in it or if i do not recommend it i sure as hell wouldn't put it on your hair, just to make a buck.

But if you must because you know better than me, let's try it YOUR way and i will let you deal with the outcome because this is how you do it at home. 

My styles/colors reflect 2014 not 1980.

Some personalities are bombarding but this is the last time i let anyone take control of my space, knowledge and pricing. My price list serves a lot of different budgets and we can do wonders with just a little color here and there. i want to be affordable for many but i must respect the years and dues i have put in. Do not over promise in your ability to pay and then leave your stylist empty handed.

Thank you,

Jc Ramos